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Whether you like skinny tires or fat tires, the Contour Bike Mounts is the ultimate mounting combination for all your bike pursuits.

  • Includes:
  • Vented Helmet Mount: use on either a vented or full-face helmet; allows you to place your Contour in multiple positions on your helmet—simply slide the straps through the vents, cinch them down, and use the built-in adjustable tilt to fine-tune your angle
  • Bar Mount: use on handlebars 15-33 mm diameter for a different perspective; built with a dual-screw enclosure system for secure camera attachment; twist lock adjustment helps you achieve the perfect angle; TRail system helps you mount and remove your camera quickly and easily
  • Flex Strap Mount: lets you attach a camera to a seat post, chain stay, or any round or irregular bar—soft, flexible strap holds steady and dampens vibration to assure clear, crisp video; two strap sizes ensure a secure fit to all angle needs
  • Profile Mount (right or left): low-profile design gets your Contour camera within millimeters of the surface that you apply it to—3M base adheres best to flat surfaces, but will conform to curves of helmets and fairings