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The Contour Compound Bow Mount is a mount that will be of great interest to those who use a compound bow for their hunting or for their range shooting, and that is a large number of people with the increasing popularity of compound bows making it the bow of choice in the United States, for example.

If you are using such a sophisticated bow then it will be no surprise if you also wish to record your successes and even your failures.

The Contour Compound Bow Mount is a lightweight piece of equipment that does not take much effort to attach to your bow so that you can then record your shooting in full high-definition quality.



  • Compound bow mount and screws
  • Profile Mounts (Left and Right)
  • Mounts onto the Peep Sight with 10-24 hex screws (included)
  • Designed to work for either the Right or Left handed users (both Profile Mounts are included)
  • Can be mounted under or on top of the quiver
  • Mounting location puts the Contour camera close to your eye level and hands for minimal hand movement
  • Matte black anodized finish for low refection and maximum durability
  • Works with all Contour Cameras