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Ultramodern Scott A-12 Poles feature lightweight, durable composite shafts and dual-density grips for the ultimate in performance and comfort.

  • Shafts utilize an integration of carbon fiber and fiberglass that is both exceptionally light and strong
  • Shafts are filament-wound, an automated process whereby the shafts are machine spun, ensuring an extremely consistent product
  • By using bi-directional laminates, Scott optimizes center of gravity, maximizes stability and minimizes vibration and swing weight
  • Lightweight Texalium skin consists of woven aluminum and titanium, which adds exterior strength and resists cuts often caused by ski edges
  • Notch Strike grips feature lightweight, streamlined profiles that facilitate the wrist articulation necessary for textbook downhill tucks
  • Strike composite straps are ergonomically engineered for left and right hands; neoprene platform increases hand support; rip-and-stick adjustment
  • Racing carbon diamond tip is extraordinarily strong to withstand harsh abuse
  • 3.6 disc basket (2.36 inches) blends aerodynamic efficiency and durability