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Scott’s mid-sized bag is both lightweight and large, with 30L of volume. A separate avalanche rescue equipment pocket keeps your most important gear easily accessible and organized. Large glove compatible zippers offer easy access to the rest of your gear. An ergonomically shaped backplate will keep the bag comfortable on long days and hip-belted pockets keep your small gear, like cameras and chapstick, close by.


• Stowable trigger pull.
• Easily accessible deflating button.
• Diagonal ski carry system.
• Ice axe carry system.
• Goggle pocket.
• Avalanche gear specific pocket keeps your shovel and probe organized and accessible.
• Helmet carry system.

Low weight, low volume

By borrowing existing technology from emergency life vests, Alpride was able to create an airbag system that is light, compact, and reliable. Two small, sealed canisters are used to fully inflate the 150L bag in under 3 seconds. These canisters look just like the canisters cyclists use to refill tires and tubes in seconds, just a little larger. One canister is filled with Co2 and the other with argon. The bag can be fully inflated with just the Co2 canister; alpride added the argon canister to speed up the process. It's a tried and true system that has been used in life vests for years. Because the canisters are so small and affordable, it's practical to bring multiple sets into the backcountry with you. No need to spend an arm and leg on extra canisters for multi-day backcountry trips, where setting off your bag more than once is plausible. Scott claims that these canisters are safe to fly with, but check with the airline first.

One pillow-shaped airbag

The majority of airbag manufacturers, including Mammut/Snowpulse, Scott/Alpride, and BCA use a single, pillow shaped airbag with a capacity of 150 liters.
Why? Because it works. It’s that simple.