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  • Cylindrical, injection-molded dual lenses match the curvature of the eye, ensuring distortion-free and optically correct vision
  • Air Control System (ACS) ventilation features intake vents on the lens and outtake vents on the frame to control airflow and prevent fogging
  • No Fog™ lens treatment provides permanent resistance to goggle fogging
  • Multilayer foam with a layer of fleece precisely fits the face with an extremely soft, comfortable touch
  • Scott goggles are computer engineered to fit flawlessly with a variety of helmets; pivoting strap adjusts to fit helmet
  • Red Chrome lens excels on overcast days when the flakes are flying; lens provides 41% visible light transmission (VLT)
  • Lens is optically engineered to provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC radiation protection

Made in USA.