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The RS-12 features SCOTT’s EC-1 grip and the Lite EC-1 strap.


S4 Aluminium Alloy Shaft- Constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. S4 aluminum poles are twice as strong as the industry standard, rates to 75 ooo PSI.

18mm shaft Diameter

EC-1 Grip- The SCOTT EC1 grip system perfectly integrates the grip and strap to provide an ergonomically correct fit for both left and right hands. A combination of injected plastics and minimal strap interference make this grip extremely comfortable and easy to grab.

Lite EC-1 Strap- The Lite EC-1 straps are built with the same high performance PU Kevlar material as the Lite Strap. The ergonomically engineered left and right straps guarantee the best comfort and performance.

3.6 Disc Basket- The 3.6 Disc Basket incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. The 3.6 disc basket is 6 centimeters in diameter.

Ice Tip- The Ice Tip is diamond shaped for unbeatable hold in extreme conditions.