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Scott is a company truly devoted the weird, wild fanatics of the sport of triathlon. The events often take the better part of a day, but we’ll spend large piles of cash to shave a few seconds here or there. The T2 Pro is a new triathlon-specific racing shoe with the goal of minimizing your bike to run transition and keeping you at PR pace during your run phase. The T2 Pro features a super innovative closure system that seems to be inspired by ski and snowboard boots. It consists of a rear ‘hatch’ secured by a reinforced strap which wraps around the rear of the shoe. As shown in the animation below, the closure lays flat when open so the athlete can simply slide their foot into the shoe, pull up on the tab that closes and locks the rear hatch, then secure the tab down with the velcro tab. Sounds like a lot of engineering for a running shoe, but this tech really works. As a triathlete, other quick-entry solutions like elastic laces have always left my running shoes feeling too loose, but the Scott system closes tight and the shoes, fitted with traditional laces as well, felt very secure when closed.