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The Scott Zeo 13 has a light swingweight and perfect balance to it that makes every swing of your arms fast and efficient as you fly down the mountain. The 13mm diameter shaft is made from 75% carbon fiber that is incredibly light and powerful. Scott's Notch Grip has thermoplastic rubber and individual finger slots that fit very comfortable in your hand. The new SRS Lite Strap increases your safety by being able to release from the pole when upward pressure is applied, making this a must for tree skiers. An Anodized Adapter with the Ice Tip is very durable, replaceable, and can power though the toughest snow conditions. If you are looking for a premium ski pole that will reduce your chances of injury, with an ultra lightweight and durable construction, the Scott Zeo 13 will make a great choice.


  • 13mm Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Notch Grip
  • SRS Lite Strap
  • Anodized Adapter with Ice Tip